Why is Baker’s Famous Pizza famous?

Ron and I originally opened Baker’s Outlaw Pizza in 1988. In 1989 we moved to a better location in Huffman and reopened as Baker’s Best Pizza and Deli. We stayed at that location until we sold out to some employees working for us in 1998. They did not prosper as we had. After traveling around for close to three years, I came upon a good deal on pizza equipment. Ron and I decided to reopen.

Our principles stayed the same as before. Fantastic pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, sandwiches second to none. After searching for a location a protracted experience we decided on our present location at 757 Shades Mt Plaza, in Bluff Park area of Hoover. Baker’s Famous Pizza was the logical name as the pizza was truly famous in eastern Birmingham area. Ron and I both have the same very high standards also include polite, articulate employees that actually care. We all take great pride in giving quality service, superior food, and friendly folks that want your business. The area we have chosen is spectacular in it's support of our business and we truly appreciate all the nice things people have to say. Suffice to say we work very hard, to provide such a unique tasting and fresh product, that is truly a taste delight. Originally Ron and I said if we could not be much better than the chain why bother, we still feel that way. We are much better and we back that with a full money-back guarantee. on everything we serve.

We thank you for your support, tell more friends about your experience at Baker’s Pizza and help us grow faster so other areas of Birmingham can experience the unique and flavorful food at Baker’s. A special thanks to our regular customers and those dear souls that provided a lifeline to Baker’s putting signs in their yard to let others know about Baker’s. If you ever have a problem at Baker’s please let us know. We care! Again, thank you for your continued support.

Frank Baker